Culture Awards


Culture Awards – 2018

February 2018:
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  1. René Izquierdo received Culture for a large Vanda lamellata var. boxellii with 2 side branches, each with a spike supporting a large number of flowers.
  2. A large, well-grown Den. aggregatum with 170 flowers was brought in by Victoria Clemente, which also received a Culture Award.
  3. Chris Houk received Culture for his large, well displayed Oncidium splendidum, supporting 55 flowers from 3 inflorescences.
March 2018:
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  1. Dendrobium Jairak Spin x Den. helix brought in by Rossy Ochoa, This large orchid had 11 inflorescences supporting 275 flowers and 58 buds.
  2. Rossy also received Culture for a Dendrobium mirbelianum x Den. strebloceras, with 7 inflorescences supporting 126 flowers.
  3. René Izquierdo received a Culture award for a Dendrobium canaliculatum grown on a tree fern plaque. This well-grown orchid had 12 inflorescences displaying 288 flowers and 30 buds.
  4. David Schaffter received Culture for a large, potted Maxillaria tenebrosa with 112 flowers.


April 2018:
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AOS Awards and EEOS

  1. Chris Houk received an Award of Merit of 82 points AM/AOS 82 pts. for Rhycocentrum Ladda Gold and EEOS Medallion Award.
  2. Chris also received a Certificate of Cultural Merit of 85 points for CCM/AOS 85 pts for Rlc. Joy Sokabe and EEOS Medallion Award.
  3. Don Bourgoin received Culture for a well-grown, large V. curvifolium.
  4. Rossy Ochoa received a Culture for a Chiloschista lunifera grown on a cork slab.





























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