Judging Results

The Ribbon Judging is the highlight and most popular part of our meetings. It is an opportunity for members to exhibit their blooming orchids and have them judged by capable judges (some of them are even AOS judges). The results of these judgings are posted here every month. We also post pictures of the orchids which were awarded Culture ribbons. We recommend taking the time to view these beautiful specimens. Some of these plants are simply spectacular!

At the end of the year, our Judging Committee adds up the points awarded in the previous 11 months and tabulate the results. Winners in every category receive trophies at our Holiday Party. The Overall Results are also posted here.


By each underlined red Category, there is a black + or – sign followed by a number, which tells you the increase or decrease in people who participated in bringing in orchids of that Category from the previous year. Notice we had negative numbers in 3 Categories, positive numbers in 8 Categories, and 2 unchanged Categories. Our member’s participation in the Judging Program remained the same from the previous year! We encourage our new members to be proud of their accomplishment of growing their orchids to bloom. We also want you to bring them to our Judging Program as often as you can. We can also offer tips that might help you grow and bloom better and healthier orchids. JUST ASK US!

Below each Category, the first red Name is the winner of total points received throughout the year for that category. The total points are to the right of the names of our members who participated. Tie-breakers (noted by an asterisk *) are awarded to the person with the most TOTAL POINTS, or in some cases, the second-most TOTAL POINTS. Orchids that are brought in and registered for judging, can receive 5 points for 1st, 3 points for 2nd, and 1 point for 3rd. Orchids entered to Our Show Exhibit, receive DOUBLE POINTS, to encourage participation. At our show, owners of entered orchids should make 2 lists of their orchids, one for them and one for the Exhibit Chairperson. Owners are responsible for their orchids at the end of the show!

If you are participating in our Judging Program for the first time, we will be happy to help you register your orchids for judging. JUDGING STARTS AT 7:30, just before our meeting! Get there a little early, so you can finish registration, then go inside and socialize with our other members, so our judges can get started awarding ribbons. Thank you and we hope to see you and your orchids next year.

East Everglades Orchid Society appreciates and thanks all of our Judges for giving their time to make our Judging Program possible. THANK YOU, David Schaffter, Erna Maxwell, Valerie Leonard, Lynn Corson, Carlos Ochoa, Deborah Trajkovic, and Gilda Nolasco, and the AOS Judges for taking the time to judge our member’s orchids. The beautiful photos of our members’ orchids were taken by Cherri Price.

2020 Judging

  • We start off the New Year with New Members and New Orchids!
  • Here are some helpful hints to enter and display your blooming orchids for our judges to evaluate:
  • Make sure you bring your orchids before judging starts. Judging starts at 7:30, 30 minutes before the main meeting.
  • After you register and enter your orchid, Please leave the judging area on time so our judges can start on time! They would like to finish so they can enjoy the meeting with the rest of us.
  • Clean your orchids of dead or yellow leaves, debris, etc…, and stake flowers so they are displayed in a pleasing manner.
  • Make sure your plant has the CORRECT NAME in the pot. ORCHIDS WITH NO NAME CANNOT BE JUDGED!Write (or print) your name and your plant’s name CLEARLY on the entry form.
  • Orchids should be in your possession for at least 6 months and grown and bloomed by YOU, not Home Depot or Wal-Mart!
  • We cannot judge your orchid if it was judged the month before on the same bloom.
  • Make sure your orchids are healthy and insect-free. NO ANTS! Ants help spread scale. NO THRIPS, either!
  • Make sure you don’t bring snails! Check your medium and insides of your pots. They can eat and destroy flowers & buds overnight!
  • If you bring orchids for judging, Check our Judging Results each month for mistakes we rarely make, and bring it to our attention.

We are looking forward to see you next month with your beautiful blooming orchid for entry into our Judging Program!